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Why should I recruit with VIDEO JOB AD?

More applicants? You need them, right? We show you how we deliver even more relevant candidates.

  • With video job ad, we deliver even more relevant applicants. Jobseekers want to have a peek into your wroking environment, they need more intel to feel if they can be part of the culture.
As a result
  • 8x more viewers
  • 10x more applicants


  • If you allow them to see your work environment and colleagues, they can glimpse into your workday.
  • Let them imagine if they see themselves as your employees.
  • They will have more accurate picture of the tasks, so they can deicide whether the position is the right fit for them.
  • Helping the job of the recruiters, no misunderstandings, no unnecessary rounds.
  • More committed and excited candidates than in case of a text-image job ad.

Consumer habits

  • 82% of users prefer to consume video content
  • TikTok is the fastest growing platform with nearly 3 million Hungarian users.
  • Why should it be any different with job ads?
  • don't be left behind, join Hungary's first video job advertisement site.

Don't believe us

believe the numbers

These numbers speak for themselves.

These stats are from SimpleJob database. Blue-collar, retail, hospitability and white-collar job ads, between 23.06.2022 and 16.01.2024. comparing the same advertisement with text-picture and video ad numbers.

Don't believe us

believe the numbers

Here we show you the number of applicants for video job ads on average.

These datas are from SimpleJob admin interface, between 23.06. 2022 and 16.01.2024, the average of 21 video job ad.

Regular VS. Video job ad

Let's look at two examples. Achievements of the same company, with the same job advertisement. Once the ad was posted with a picture, once with video cover. Numbers speak louder than words. Do you also need relevant candidates?

3 million

Hungarian user

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25-40 years of age

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40+ years of age

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TikTok numbers

If you are not convinced yet, have a look at the numbers.

These datas are of recruitment videos posted on SimpleJob's TikTok account (01.06.2022 - 16.01.2024)

We take all the burden off your shoulders.

What do we offer in our video packages?

Concept and Production

We work out the concept together with you. In addition, we boost your video with the faces of SimpleJob and/or with your employees (recommended), at your working place (shop, factory, office) Post production, cut, caption - it's our job.

Boosted job ad

We post your job ad on SimpleJob's social sites. We boost your video with paid and targeted ads. We even moderate comments, you still have nothing to do.

Applicants are flying in.

All you have to do is select the most suitable candidate. Sounds great, right?

Recruitment 360

We take all the burden off your shoulders right up to the selection of the right candidate, to save you time and money.

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