SECTRAN Ltd. is a Hungarian based company offering exclusive security solutions for companies that are engaged in supply chain businesses within the countries of the European Union. SECTRAN's mission is to provide ultimate services and methods to its Clients based on complex and efficient security protocols.

DiDb (Driver Intelligence Database), the leading product of the company was developed in 2008 with US based financial backing; then it was first sold and made operational in Hungary in 2009.
After the introduction of DiDb system on the Central and Eastern European market, SECTRAN revolutionized ground transportation security. The unique security solution of DiDb resulted in a significant breakthrough in drivers' identification as well as in the quality assurance of the service carried out by freight movers.

Results achieved by DiDb during its 8 year operation:

- Registration Offices in the territory of Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Poland
- 3 Registration Points operated by contractual partners in Macedonia and Romania
- DiDb users from 5 countries
- 100,000+ checked transports / year
- 30,000 registered drivers from 18 European countries

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