LEMAN Industrie is a family-owned industrial group, operating internationally, which makes metal and/or plastic components, parts and products in medium and large production runs for global constructors and equipment suppliers, as well as regional industrial manufacturers. Its expertise combines engineering, stamping, injection, overmoulding, assembly, and wiring.

Human resources: a strategic priority

The development of the LEMAN INDUSTRIE group is driven by nearly 1,000 employees whose skills, commitment and inter-relationships are at the heart of all projects. This human strength is the main asset for meeting customer expectations, meeting challenges and supporting market developments.

Making progress together

The group’s continuous improvement strategy implicates and benefits its entire workforce and is reflected in HR policy action plans and resources, including:
- Regularly updated, detailed job descriptions
- Customised induction plans, including surveys in which new hires give feedback about the company
- Individual progress reviews (in addition to mandatory professional reviews)
- Training plans designed in response to customer audits, changes in personal circumstances and regulatory requirements
- Inter-site and inter-role in-house training programmes
- Quality, environment and safety awareness and training etc.

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