We, as a subsidiary to the german Astex Gmbh, have been a part of the hungarian second hand clothing market for over 10 years. We primarily deal with english, american, and swiss clothing, but we also receive shipments from Spain. For us, german precision is key in clothings selection as well. We employ highly skilled workers and are able to produce 400 tonns of wares every month.

Our warehouse has products ranging from stock and extra cream quality to machine cloth, (we have 4 main categories: Super cream, Extra, I. class, II: class), and from baby's to men's -women's wears, but we also offer a wide selection of acessories, toys and shoes. As an extra service we offer sorting according to the buyer's preferences in case of purchase of large quantities. Our company's vision for 2016, along with export to Bulgaria, Armenai, Romania, Russia, Africa and India, is to grow on the hungarian market. This aim is made easier by the fact that we always offer fashionable clothes according to current trends.

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